Cat-friendly Mambo(video clip on 12th September 2011)

















4th December 2011

"Bathed mambo in the new basin :)"

Update on Mambo from SY "Mambo after his bath and his second meal. Now in dreamland 🙂 I put him on Arthriti-UM Plus and Geriatr-UM and he seems more alert! The purple blanket is from Seah Bee Leng 🙂 I used the Silver Solution (donated by Lynn Yeo) for his eyes and the Silver Gel for the raw patches on his body. The eye discharge is so much less now. The raw skin patches dried up the next day."

Mambo, a 9yr old American Cocker Spaniel, neutered & very good natured, is looking for a loving home.

He was saved from being sent by his previous owner to be”pts” (“put to sleep”).

He is an ageing dog with some arthritis, recurrent ear and eye discharges,

However he has a healthy friendly temperament, and he gets along with cats as well.

Would you be the one to give a good home for the remaining years of his life, without finding any excuse to “pts” him?

To request a visit to Mambo, please fill up the form here.