Things you can buy to support in the care of the cats and dogs

Dragon : Only 24 left
15 inches long.
$48 each and every cent goes to support the shelter.
Can pre-order now.
Can also send as gifts to your friends.

Laced cotton bags 39cm sides and 38cm base (hand-sewn by SY’s sister) with appliques hand-sewn by Joyce Ho to support in the care of animals at MettaCattery.
Each bag is $15.
There are 26 bags left
You will need to pay only after receiving the bags.


Kitty Rings at $20 each. Every cent goes into providing care for the cats and dogs at the shelter. 
Please message Metta Cats on
1) Number of Rings and what coloured eyes.
2) Mailing address

Order is only confirmed upon a reply from Metta Cats as the number of rings is limited.

Payment advice will be given to you when you inform us of the receipt of the rings.