30th September 2012

Moo doesn’t ask for much. Just shelter over his head, food & some TLC. He doesn’t even know how to sleep on a doggy bed. He sleeps on the floor (bare or on blanket-like “bed”) next to my bed for the past 4 mths, he’s NEVER asked to sleep with me on my bed even though he can see that my dogs sleep on my bed.

He’s happy just to know that he’s not alone.
Can anyone open your heart to this sweet boy?
Interested party, pls pm me.
Thanks. 🙂

8th August 2012

Mulyaty Liang:

Moo is still looking for a good home.

I’ve fostered Moo for about 2.5 months.

He’s gained more confidence and is warming up to my other dogs (no longer run away from them).

He’s also toned down a lot, no longer obsessed with towels and I can actually take his toy from him.

8th July 2012


24th June 2012

Mulyaty Liang  “Moo patiently waits/naps on the chair while human cleans the floor.”

Moo enjoying his chewy

27th May 2012

Moo on 13-05-2012 (video clip)







Moo on 18th May 2012 (video clip)

Background: Bought as a puppy in 2004 for the youngest son.  The mother of the household got tired of looking after him as she received no help from the sons.  He was to be surrendered to the SPCA.

He was cleared of ticks and frontline was applied on 13th May 2012.

He will be sent for sterilisation soon.

He is approved to live in a HDB.

From a fosterer

Date: Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 8:51 AM

Subject: Update on Moo – 13 Jun

Just to share my observations with u on Moo after he’s with me for 1 week.

He’s v sweet. Doesn’t bark like how he was at the shelter at all!
He does whine a bit when he craves for attention.
Otherwise, he sits quietly at ur feet.
He’s quite “low-maintenance” where attention is required. He doesn’t ask for too much. After 1 week, he’s learned to whine a bit when I come home from work. Otherwise, he just likes to be around human. Ok with kids and seems to like old people (likes to follow my parents).
Suspect he wasn’t well-socialised as he doesn’t seem to know how to react much around dogs. BUT he knows his boundaries v well. My dogs are quite spoilt. All they do is bark once at him, and he’ll zoom at super high speed to a corner. (i.e not alpha)
He’s not a morning dog. I start work at 8am so I feed my dogs abt 6am. I noticed that he doesn’t eat much in the am. But when I feed him in the evening / late afternoon, he has no problem finishing his food.
Toilet Train???
I’m not sure if I should consider him as toilet train or not.
One thing for sure, he doesn’t mark (so far so good, keeping my fingers crossed)
My dogs do their business in the toilet, on pee pad. Normally all I do is to put any dog in the toilet with their pee pads, n the dog would know that’s THE toilet. However, Moo doesn’t even go sniff / explore the toilet. I brought him out twice a day on the first 3 days and he would hold to do his business then. I think it’d b good if he’s paper trained since it rains so much in Singapore so I’m still struggling with trying to paper train him.
Obsession with towels/floormats
I think his obsession with towels/floormats has improved. He no longer grabs any floormats and own them. Sometimes still try to steal and then would get aggressive when u try to take it from him. The new owner needs to know that it’s not funny to make him excited. He’s a much better dog when he’s calm. Once u get him excited, he may forget and grab any floormat and “forget”. Initially, I do pin him down but he’s quite strong n it’s tiring for me. So now, I leave him with his “prize” for a while and walk away. Then I’d call him (where he can’t see me). So far, he’d come to me, and forget about the floormat.
verall condition / Others
He’s been sleeping in a crate next to my bed. Of cos won’t walk in guai guai but didn’t struggle when I put him into the crate.
I noticed that his paw pads were a bit swollen and quite red (from his chewing) on the first night. It could be the environment or the diet but he’s hardly chewing his paws now. He only licks them a bit now so his 4 paws r not as red.
His ears were quite dirty and I’ve cleaned them and so far, no more yucky discharge. Keeping my fingers crossed too.
I think he’s put on some weight too. 🙂
He’ska groomer’s NIGHTMARE.
Suspect his owner may only send him for grooming once in a long long time and go to cheap groomers who may not be gentle.
His quick is v long (i.e. seldom cut nails). He’s a completely different dog when u try to cut his nails. Luckily has no problem letting u wear muzzle.
He’s ok when u bath him. Won’t go crazy when u touch his paws / legs. However, he doesn’t like slicker brush too, especially on the legs and back of his body. OK with blower and hairdryer. He’s also ok with scissors when I trimmed him.
I’ll try to take some nice pics of him over the weekend n post on fb. Should be able to find a nice home for him.
Do let me know if anyone wants to visit him.

If you can give him a home with unconditional love, never to find ANY excuse to dump him anywhere,  click here.