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For Adoption: Camie

24th July 2012 video clip
Camie 24th July 2012

7th July 2012
Camie 07-07-2012 (video clip)

Background: Found tied to a pipe at the back of a coffee-shop in an industrial estate for several days before she was rescued on the 6th January 2012.

Breed: Medium-sized local dog.

Date of Birth (estimated) 9th September 2011

Spayed on Animal Clinic (Katong) on 15th June 2012 

Needs an experienced guardian.

Click here if you wish to adopt Camie

Augusteen will be going to his new home today :-)

Tanya wrote on 15th June 2012

“Big boy’s last day with us, his owner passed away and his kids wanted to PTS dear Augusteen. SY took him in last August, and his Godma Ultimatejo Tanhas paid for his lodging with us for many months. We are sad to see you go dear boy, but we are so happy you found your forever home this time around.”


Augustine will be going to live with Kanchan and Samsir.

5.15pm, first photo of Augustine in his new home 🙂

18th June 2012
Dear Siew Ying and the MettaCats crew,

Thank you so much for letting Kanchan and myself bring Augustine home.

We are indeed very privileged to be able to share our home with this sweet gentle old boy. We are already incredibly fond of him and he is becoming our shadow.

You guys are running a terrific home and all the little canines and felines are showered with love and care. If we can do anything in our abilities to help in any way, please do let us know.

Also, just because Augustine is with us, you are more than welcome to visit him – I am sure he would love to see you guys too!

Thank you again,
Kanchan & Samir

Diane, a severely abused dog

Diane, her ex-owner is a garang-guni man who beat her daily… because he believes that Diane brought him bad luck and his wife left him. SY got help to rescue sweet Diane, who now no longer flinches when you go near her with any long stick like broom or thing. Hopefully she will find a forever home one day and know what a loving home is supposed to be.

Diane is about 4 years of age but looks old because of chronic abuse and undernourishment.
The man who abused her lives in a terrace house along MacPherson Road. He believed it was Diane’ fate to be born a dog and be abused.

27th July 2012

Story of Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell and her siblings, abandoned in a box. One went missing. Rest were rehomed.



29th May 2012 ‎”Tinkerbell, found abandoned outside a unit at dakota crescent. Many kittens been dumped there but Tinkerbell cannot move her limps. She seem to have problem coordinating her movements.””Suspect neuro problems. X-rays done. No fractures. ”

















“It is the fore limps that are Not functioning ! She can’t focus well !”

“She glides with her hind limps ! I think this defect has been there quite sometimes cos she does it so naturally !”

30th May 2012
Tinkerbell has her first acupuncture session with Dr Oh Hock Soon of Mt Pleasant Referral Cllinic at Whitley Rd
SY “Dr. Oh said neck n back injured! Probably dropped from a height, landed on shoulder n neck!”

Tinkerbell today (2nd June 2012)

3rd June 2012

9th June 2012