Tinkerbell and her siblings, abandoned in a box. One went missing. Rest were rehomed.



29th May 2012 ‎”Tinkerbell, found abandoned outside a unit at dakota crescent. Many kittens been dumped there but Tinkerbell cannot move her limps. She seem to have problem coordinating her movements.””Suspect neuro problems. X-rays done. No fractures. ”

















“It is the fore limps that are Not functioning ! She can’t focus well !”

“She glides with her hind limps ! I think this defect has been there quite sometimes cos she does it so naturally !”

30th May 2012
Tinkerbell has her first acupuncture session with Dr Oh Hock Soon of Mt Pleasant Referral Cllinic at Whitley Rd
SY “Dr. Oh said neck n back injured! Probably dropped from a height, landed on shoulder n neck!”

Tinkerbell today (2nd June 2012)

3rd June 2012

9th June 2012