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Update on Trixie

Adrian Teo “Hi, recent photo of Trixie (and wife), probably a few KGs fatter, sterilized, had 9 rotten teeth extracted during her surgery.. she is so at home at my mum’s place now, that she doesn’t run away anymore if the gate is open, but we don’t anyways. looks like she’s nicely settled down.”
Trixie 26-04-2013

Trixie 26-04-2013

For Adoption: Vodka


Background: rescued with a “cow-print’ brother in a “long-kang” (drain)
Gender: Male
DOB (estimated): 10th October 2012
Temperament: very trusting and playful!

Update on Tama

13th April 2013
“HiTama 13-04-2013, Tama is totally at home now. She doesn’t eat any biscuits or cat food thoh….just chix and fish
Anyway, this is her watching tv with us.”