ChocoAt Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS) today, Choco took his last breath after a protracted illness that defied treatment from the vet. He had no physical pain. His energy ebbed and came to a natural close this afternoon.

He will be sent for cremation at Mobile Pet Cremation (cremation fee sponsored by Yoke Wah).

Story of Choco here:

Choco April 2012

From Yokewah Lim:

“Thank you Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter for giving Choco refuge and SY for her TLC towards Choco. Otherwise he would have been released (after his leg amputation) back to the streets by the young man who helped Choco’s elderly feeder send him to the vet. None of them could keep him. Vet nurse asked me “How like that?”. The first time I met Choco was a few hours after he was admitted. I was visiting my community cats warded there. The vet nurse asked me to take a look at a very “pitiful” cat. I peeped into Choco’s cage and I could see his exposed bones. Flesh eaten by maggots down to the bones! Choco was a lovely, manja cat. The nurses loved him back then. RIP now Choco 🌈 😇
(Photo of Choco in April 2012 when I first set eyes on him)”