GOLD-D appeal

Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter appeals for sponsor of food repeatedly as the cats consume about 6 cartons of GOLD-D a day and the dogs consume about 20 cans of NUTRIPE a day, mixed with cooked meat and dry food.

Can spare $25 this weekend to buy a carton of GOLD-D canned food for the cats at the shelter?
It helps a lot to keep the shelter going.
Support Animal Human Alliance (AHA) who supports a lot of caregivers, feeders, rescuers, poor elderly who live with cats, etc

Most of the cats at Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter LOVE GOLD-D canned food

To sponsor:
Whatsapp Animal Human Alliance (AHA)



E mail:

with this message:

“I would like to sponsor ___(number) of cartons of GOLD-D canned food for Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter at $25 a carton. Please advise on payment. I would like to indicate this name (give your name or your pet’s name) as sponsor:_______.(Optional) I would also like this message to shown on the photo of the delivery:_________”