Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS) is a private no kill shelter and for 16 years.

The founder Ms Lee will go down each day to clean feed and care for the cats and dogs.

These animals were once abandoned or abused.

Many would have die if not for MCDS.

Ms Lee does this out of compassion for animals.

She is NOT PAID and have to fork out money to pay for short falls. To make things worse, landlord just increase her rent.

So please help if you can.

You will change the course of many animal’s lives.

Price of 2016 Desktop Calendars
1) 1 to 4 copies $15 each
2) More than 5 copies $10 each

Postage sponsored by Ah Lau and Ah Garpy, so that every cent of what you pay goes to helping Siew Ying meet the heavy expenses

Send a PM (Personal Message) to Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter indicating the number of copies you want to buy. You may also wish to donate any number of your order to be given as gifts to residents and staff of a VWO (Voluntary Welfare Organisation) Nursing Home.