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Dobi, the blind cat rescued from Chinatown.
He is free roaming. He uses the ladder to climb up to the uppermost level of the dish drainer to sleep.




Mumtaz Begam Aziz shared your photo.

Daisy, My First Guardian. She is the one who linked all the cat’s feeding points or else I got no idea where to find them in that huge area. She even brought along her buddies to intro and share the food.. That’s why I was able to help most of the cats & talk to people about the cats and dogs living together at the same territory till today. Like I said, priority given to dogs to keep my stray cats alive.

Daisy is An Angelic. She gave birth to 9 babies (2 had passed on) and waited at the shelter for us to come. Because of her beautiful heart, kind rescuers linked one and another to arrange for picked up the very next day. Some came by to keep them accompany as early as 7am for bottle feeding her babies. All her 7 surviving babies are in good hands. Today Daisy is with Metta Cats & Dogs Shelter having good time till her last breathe. The owner of the shelter is the most kindest lady to take in not only Daisy, but 3 others too (Dalia, Jasmine & Maya) who got caught by the authorities.

If you have extra, please help to sponsor their food. Below is their link.

Ah Kah at the Vet

Ah Kah on 20-02-2016
Warded at Frankel Vet Centre for treatment of general poor condition and assessment of a hind limp fracture. The pupil in one eye is dilated. Suspected to be hit by a motorcycle.

Seen limping in Chai Chee

Seen limping in Chai Chee

Found limping in January 2016.
He was rescued. Estimated 5-6 years of age.
Neutered with microchip detected but no record of owner.



SY, “This is Mayee, rescued by Mrs Neo from AVA death-row, trapped with AVA’s “free” cat trap loan by a resident living in a landed property in Jalan Tanjong.
More than a month with me but still very nervous.
Girl abt 3 – 4 months old.”