Good Bye Prince:

Prince was one of several cats that were left behind in a rental flat in King George’s estate in 2013. The owner went missing. The cats were in bad condition and two were in advanced pregnancies. A person who came to know of the plight of the cats asked Siew Ying if she could accept the cats. Siew Ying agreed. The pregnant cats’ health was so poor that they delivered still births after they were in the shelter.

Prince was brought to see the vet at Frankel Vet Centre on 1st April 2016 who suspected Prince to be suffering from pancreatitis.

Despite treatment, Prince passed away on 3rd April 2016. Siew Ying collected the body on the evening of 3rd April to prepare for his cremation on 4th April 2016 at 3pm at Mobile Pet Cremation.

Thanks to Wendy for sponsoring the cremation cost.