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Update on Jasmine

‪#‎jasminemcds‬ was admitted to Frankel Vet Centre on 28th May 2016 ( for sudden profuse nose bleeding. Dr June Tan diagnosed Glaucoma and prescribed Trusopt Eye-drops which has to be bought from an outside Pharmacy. Siew Ying updates,”The Trusopt eyedrops … Continue reading

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Jasmine at the vet

News from Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS) This evening, Jasmine was bleeding from the nose. Siew Ying rushed her to Frankel Vet Centre. Blood tests for heartworms and tick fever were negative. She was diagnosed with Glaucoma. Jasmine was admitted for … Continue reading

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Wan-Wan 26-05-2016

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Update on Moo

                  From Moo’s adopter “Hi Siew Ying, hope u have been well! A year has passed since I took in Moo… how time flies! He recently got a new cushion and surely … Continue reading

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Wan-Wan going for a walk

Siew Ying, “Wan-Wan going for a walk.” Wan-Wan is a very senior canine resident of Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter who recovered from two strokes in 2014 and 2015. She had acupuncture treatment in 2014. Barking in the background is from the … Continue reading

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Buddha and the Monkey

Buddha and the Monkey from Singapore Cats on Vimeo.   Please support Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS) by buying this photo book “Buddha and the Monkey” produced by Animal Human Alliance Profit from the book priced at $35 will go to … Continue reading

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