News from Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS)

This evening, Jasmine was bleeding from the nose. Siew Ying rushed her to Frankel Vet Centre. Blood tests for heartworms and tick fever were negative. She was diagnosed with Glaucoma. Jasmine was admitted for care. The vet prescribed Trusopt eyedrops but no stock at the clinic. Siew Ying rushed to a Pharmacy but there was no pharmacist on duty to dispense. She will get it tomorrow morning and deliver to the vet clinic for administering on Jasmine.

Prescription checked by Metta

Prescription checked by Metta

Jasmine and her daughter, Dahlia, were taken out of AVA’s Death-row by Mumtaz Begam Aziz
Siew Ying offered them shelter.

The vet bill is expected to be a few hundreds. PM MCDS if you can sponsor any portion of the vet fees. The final receipt and list of sponsors will be posted.