Tammy et al

At the “new” Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter:

SY wrote,

“After so many long years at MC. Tammy & her children never once allowed the volunteers to bathe them.

Yesterday, miracle happened!

When I asked who wanted to ‘pong pong?’

Moon walked towards me and allowed me to bathe him with no struggle and without leash. After him mummy Tammy came willingly.

The rest just lined up.

Whole family bathed ..😊😊😊

Background of Tammy:

In April 2008, a lady called Valerie called about a dog that was just skin and bones at a car park in Tampines St. 31. She was worried that AVA or the SPCA would come for her. With Mohan’s help, the female dog was rescued. A week later at 11pm on 11th April 2008, she started giving birth. It came as a surprised as Tammy was so emaciated that her pregnancy was not obvious. Tammy delivered on 12th of April 2008 and 11 puppies were born.
Later 5 were adopted.
They are all sterilised.

Your support is needed to care for these dogs.
You can sponsor their food at this link: