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You can buy as gifts for foreign staff and residents of a VWO (voluntary welfare org) nursing home.

This year Animal Human Alliance has once again sponsored calendars to raise fund for Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS).

MCDS is a no kill shelter, founded 17 years ago.

The founder, Ms Lee SY, has cared for countless abused, abandoned, disabled, chronically sick and redeemed-from-AVA-and-SPCA animals.

Running a shelter is very challenging.

It also requires great emotional strength when facing badly abused animals and those who are dying.

Those who passed away are given their last rights and send off with compassion and dignity.

With the move to a new location as Pasir Ris Farmway will be taken back by the government for more urbanisation, expenses have shot up a lot.

100% of your sales goes to MCDS.

Please buy the calendars to lighten the financial load on Siew Ying. You can also opt for the calendars to be given to residents of a nonprofit nursing home.

These are how you can buy the calendars:

1) Send a PM (Personal Message) to Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter to order ($15 per copy for order of less than 5 copies and $10 per copy for order of more than 10 copies. Postage is sponsored by #dobimcds. Payment to Siew Ying upon receiving the calendar/s)

2) Order online at:


3) Drop by The Cat Cafe (call to check if the calendars have not been sold out yet).

4) ) Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa (call to check if the calendars have not been sold out yet).