Story of Wan-Wan who survived two strokes and lately struggling with severe hip arthritis. She is now bed-bound and needs more intensive care. She is reaching the end of her life.

Siew Ying wrote:
“Wan has been with us for last 15 years. She was kept by a lady barber from Malaysia called Miss Lim, who rented a room at Yishun Blk 400+.

The landlord only allowed Wan to be kept in the flat on leash and was like 24/7 on a 5 ft leash.

I came to know about it and I approached her to take Wan and she agreed to pay $30 a month to buy kibbles for Wan-Wan.

She was supposed to come to help to bathe Wan-Wan twice monthly.

I think she paid for a few months came once or twice then MIA.

Wan-Wan used to be very naughty. She climbed the fencing and always ended up outside chasing Ah Huat, athe breeder.

Wan-Wan, Paddy, Tara & Roche used to be good friends later Ace became her partners in crime. Both climbed the fencing and ended outside.

Wan has 2 bald patches on her buttock. These were caused by the confinement at her previous owner’s flat from sitting down all the while because of a short leash and 24/7.

Miss Lim was a vegetarian so Wan was vegetarian too. When she first came to the shelter, she gobbled her food.

Overall she’s a good girl.

Now she’s deaf and we have to approach her slowly to wake her to take her meals.

She was two-year-old when I took her in.”

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