Dobi on 2nd January2017

Dobi has defied the "grave" prognosis of the vet when he was admitted for "pancreatitis" in August last year.
His life would have ended if not for the people who found him in a drain in Tanjong Pagar in 2013 and who passed him to Siew Ying of Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS) who cared for him for 3 years.
He now repays the kindness shown to him by helping to raise fund to help in caring for his fellow cats and dogs at the shelter.
You may wish to sponsor food "With Love to Dobi" at this link:
(Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
Just put "NA" as we will send the food to Metta Cats)
The main cat food is GOLD-D kibbles and cans
The main dog food is BOSCH and NUTRIPE which are added to cooked frozen meat.
You may also WhatsApp Animal Human Alliance at
with this message,
"I would like to sponsor ____(number) of cartons of GOLD-D canned food at $25 a carton for the cats at MCDS.
Please advise on payment and this is my message for DOBI: ____________________"