The unspeakable sufferings of our local dogs.

Please help in the long term care of this stray mother-dog who is finally rescued and given a shelter where she will feel safe, be given the best possible care and most importantly, be loved.

Siew Ying, the founder of Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter (MCDS) took in this heavily pregnant stray dog who had given birth many times in Changi Village but none of the puppies survived – killed in accidents, abuse or just disappeared. The dog eluded trapping many times until now.

Siew Ying wrote, “Last night we heard puppies. Could not go near her. She was scared. Could only see a bundle of dark color puppies. Left her a towel. This morning I went to feed her. I countered …. 12 of them.”

She gave birth on 17-02-2017 and Siew Ying counted 12. The mother-dog is still very frightened and nervous. The care of this mother-dog (yet to be named) falls entirely on Siew Ying.

18-02-2017: Siew Ying updates, “Puppies: 4 boys and 8 girls.”

Hence an appeal to support in the care of this mother-dog and her 12 puppies by:

1) Sponsoring mother’s and puppies’ food at this link:
(Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
Just put “NA” as we will send the food to Metta Cats)

or Whatsapp Animal Human Alliance at
with this message:

“I would like to sponsor $____(amount) to purchase whatever food is needed for the mother-dog and her puppies from Changi Village.”

2) Sponsoring of frozen meat, click this link:

3) Contributing to their care-fund which can be used for their care, such as food, supplements, vet fees including sterilisation of the mother later as well as their puppies if they are not adopted out and when they are old enough. PM MCDS if you wish to contribute to this fund.
Contrbution list:
– Sharon Ong $200 (18-02-2017)
– Soh-Zeom $50 (19-02-2017)
– Derrick Tan $550 (19-02-2017)
– Chris Cheong $100 (20-02-2017)

4) Helping to find homes for the puppies when they are weaned. They are NOT “pedigree” branded but 100%-Pure-Singaporean dogs. However, they are not permitted to live in HDB flats.

23th February 2017:


23-02-2017 Mother-Dog looking very worried when her puppies were removed away from her for cleaning of the cubicle.

23-02-2017 Puppies temporarily removed from their mummy for cleaning of the cubicle.