Precious’ puppies weaning to solid food

16th March 2017 at 8.40pm

Precious’ babies’ start of weaning to solid food.

Their mother, named Precious, was rescued by her feeders at Changi Village. She is one of the stray dogs in Singapore, shunned by many people and at the mercy of being killed by AVA in the excuse of “culling” and shunned by HDB in shutting them out from “approved dogs”. She gave birth several times but all her puppies died. This time, she was found to be in an advanced stage of pregnancy after she was finally trapped and brought to the safety of the shelter, with the intention of getting her spayed. She gave birth one and the half week after she came to the shelter, to 12 puppies on 17th February 2017.

With the hard work of Siew Ying and Terry, the mother-cat is getting less frightened and nervous and her puppies are thriving. More hard work ahead in caring for them and eventually finding good homes for them.

See this video taken on 18-02-2017, a day after they were born:

Today, on 17th March 2017 will be their one month’s birthday.
Sponsoring of food for them and their mummy will be a welcomed birthday gift.

You can sponsor at this link:
(Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
Just put “NA” as we will send the food to Metta Cats)

or Whatsapp Animal Human Alliance at


with this message:

“I would like to sponsor $____(amount) to purchase whatever food is needed for the mother-dog and her puppies from Changi Village.”