Toni discharged from the vet today


Update on Toni, the dog whose home was a cage with a zinc roof for 5- 6years

She was taken in by Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter on 3rd March 2017.

She was admitted to Frankel Vet Centre on 4th April 2017 as she was not eating well. The cause was traced to severe dental infection. She underwent dental extraction on 8th April 2017 and multiple teeth (at least 9) were extracted. She also has several abscesses of the roots of the teeth for which she needs to go on antibiotic.

Her hind leg weakness is likely due to deconditioning in the small cage. This should improve as she has a lot of space to prance about. Dr June Tan expressed that Toni was likely more than 11 years of age but again, she said that age was still good for a small dog like Toni.

Her vet bill for her stay at Frankel Vet Centre from 04-04-2017 to 09-04-2017 is $850