Crispie’s Kittens

Crispie's kitties (8-week-old)

At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter:For AdoptionThese are Crispie's kids. They were born in the shelter 8 weeks ago.Siew Ying took in Crispie and Twistee who were strays in the vicinity of the shelter. They are likely siblings and both in advanced stage of pregnancy when rescued. They were at risk of being drowned (likely by foreign workers ordered to do so by their bosses) or sent to the SPCA. The stray male cats are spared to "help catch rats". Siew Ying is getting these "stray cats" sterilised, at her own expense.They are for adoption 😺 POTENTIAL ADOPTERS: Are you ready to adopt a cat?Before you make the decision to give a cat a home, here are a few basic considerations:Do you intend to keep your cat strictly indoors?Roaming pet cats are the biggest source of complaints and neighbourly disputes in high-rise flats. Such incidents usually leading to rounding up of cats, be they pet cats or community cats, by pest control or in some cases, abuse. Do you intend to secure your windows with cat-proof mesh or grills to prevent accidents?It only takes a moment of distraction for a cat to fall out of a window and cats do not have good depth perception.Do you intend to sterilise the cat when it reaches 6 months?Unneutered cats have resulted in numerous unwanted litters that usually end up being abandoned or subject to abuse. Only a handful of these cats end up being rescued and are posted by dedicated fosters on this board. If you are willing and able to care for more cats, choose to adopt, not breed.Are you prepared to keep the cat for its lifetime (of 15-20 years)?A lifetime of healthy food and regular vet care is not cheap, but your cat will enjoy a full life if you make the right decisions.Are you willing to go through the adoption procedures required by fosters?Responsible fosters will screen you and conduct a house visit prior to the adoption. The process is not meant to be invasive; instead it is to ensure that the house and the whole family are ready for a new addition.A pet is a big responsibility. When we make the right decisions, what awaits us are the countless joys of owning a cat.#crispiekittensmcds

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Tuesday, 9 May 2017

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