At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary Siew Ying wrote On 22/06/17, Woofie’s owner brought him to look for people to take him in as he was […]

Cremation of Richie

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary Cremation of Richie who resided in MCDS for more than 10 years. He passed away with struggle on 3rd June […]

Richie just passed away

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary bids good-bye to one of the oldest residents, RIchie. He passed away without any struggle at 5.45pm on 3rd June […]


At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary Background: Jenna is a Siamese-mixed. Yet she was suspected to be dumped onto the streets because she is old […]


At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary Background of Suzy: “She was discovered hiding in a drain, heavily congested and barely able to breathe, by some […]