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Siew Ying wrote

On 22/06/17, Woofie’s owner brought him to look for people to take him in as he was in a lot of personal problems.

He went to check around but no one would take him in FOC.

The owner has got no $$$$ to pay lodging and he has to be out of his place with immediate effect.

MCDS was the last unit that he approached.

We took him in.

The poor dog missed the owner.

Woofie kept whining till Terry brought him a soft mattress and sat down with him.

Terry talked to him for an hour or so, telling him about the rest of the dogs that were housed in MCDS.

Woofie was convinced and he slept through the night.

Now Woofie doesn’t whine anymore but will join in the barking gang .. 😀

When the owner was contacted that Woofie missed him, he said he would come to visit when he was more settled with his personal stuff.
He thought we were chasing him for $$$”

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At Metta Cats & Dogs SanctuarySiew Ying wroteOn 22/06/17, Woofie's owner brought him to look for people to take him…

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Sunday, 25 June 2017

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