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"Come what may." I tend to live each day like it is my last. Not many things can unnerve me. But on a beautiful sunny Spring day ten days ago, being told that the perfectly healthy Boss Cat has a bone cancer on the spinal cord that leaves him paralyzed, being told to put him down in two days, my world imploded. It brought me down to my knees, suffocated by a desperate sense of hopelessness. It has been ten days, and you are hanging on. Each day is a small miracle for me. But it don't matter what the future brings. Boss Cat and I, we share the same bloodline. Ride or die, we leave it all on the line. Born wild, and we die proud. Boss Cat's life is a love story. He fell down a ten-story building at the age of three and should have been dead. A small miracle. When no one claimed him at the local vet, they were forced to put him down. A kind-hearted lady came to adopt him and saved him with thirty minutes to spare. Siew Ying runs a local cat shelter in Singapore with more than 200 pets. We are forever indebted to her kindness. At the age of 7, Boss Cat sneaked out of the house and got lost for 24 hours. A stranger saw our call for help on Facebook and went to look for him and found him dazed and scared hiding under a car. Again, the kindness of strangers. The kindness of human beings. I will not miss you when you are gone. Instead, I will make you proud. No one enjoys life more than Boss Cat. It don't take much to make you happy. Long naps, belly rubs, and just rolling around under the sun. The highest level of enlightenment: finding bliss in the now. Life is not about how long you live, but how well you live. And no one does bliss better than Boss Cat.

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