Moon died

Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary

#MOONmcds died in his sleep at about 4am this morning.

He will be cremated at Sanctuary Pet Cremation

Siew Ying rescued him while he was still in #TAMMYmcds‘ womb in April 2008.

She took care of him until her death on 17th November 2019.

Siew Ying wrote this on 1st October 2010,

“Tammy’s story – a lady called me around 1st week April 2009 evening.

She said her boyfriend saw this very skinny mongrel at blk 300+ tampines. I think it was street 31.

The dog was there on the same spot for several days and some motorcyclists kept chasing her away, probably worried she might attack them.

She said she called 2 registered shelters both turned her down.

I got Mohan to help to bring her in that night.

We didn’t realise she was about to give birth. She was so skinny. We could actually count her ribs.

On 11th April near to midnight she gave birth to 4 puppies. Bee Lian n me witnessed that.

The next morning Sally called and said there were so many puppies in Tammy’s cubicle. At 1st she said 8, then said 10.

When I came to count, there were 11 of them 🙂

We really took very good care of Tammy and her puppies, 6 boys and 5 girls.

We managed to re-home 5 boys:)

We sterilized all the remaining 6 plus Tammy with some help from ASD, Valerie and Rebecca.

This group of puppies are real rascals. They brought down the neighbour/breeder’s fencing and we spent almost 1 k to replace.

They are all healthy.

Anyway no regret saving Tammy 🙂

She will climb on to the roof if not confined but overall she’s a very caring mum and super friendly with human 🙂

Siew Ying wrote this on 16th September 2016,

“After so many long years at MC. Tammy & her children never once allowed the volunteers to bathe them.

Yesterday, miracle happened!

When I asked who wanted to ‘pong pong?’

Moon walked towards me and allowed me to bathe him with no struggle and without leash. After him mummy Tammy came willingly.

The rest just lined up.

Whole family bathed ..😊😊😊”

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