Bobby died

Terry updated,
“Bobby just left at 6.30am.

Yesterday afternoon, he refused to eat, despite tempting with a few different cans. He didn’t want to stay still until he found his way into the nebulising carrier

He was still responsive at around 1am. When I woke up, he was already cold under mum (#RemberingSiewYing)’s altar (…/pcb.1633864423…/1633867016788973/).

Background of #BOBBYmcds:
Bobby was a victim of abandonment and a feeder requested for help from Siew Ying who took him in unconditionally.
He was adopted by a couple on 24th December 2014, who adopted another cat called #VALENTINOmcds in 2016.

However the marriage went sour and both cats were returned in 2018.

Bobby was unwell and seen by the vet in Frankel Vet Center.
His last vet bill was $466.31. If you would like to contribute to this bill, click here:…/pcb.1633864423…/1633868593455482/

Bobby will be cremated at Sanctuary Pet Cremation