Bobby et al


#BOBBYmcds was adopted in early 2016 but returned in May 2018 when the adopter-couple fell into marital discord. They also adopted #VALENTINOmcds who was also returned. #RememberingSiewYing always told adopters “I will take the cat back anytime without questions.”

27 May 2018
Bobby & Valentino are coming back to MCDS today.
Siew Ying wrote, “Their karma; They are fated to be back.
I just transferred the 2 dogs January & December back to the doggies area.
The 1st cubicle on the cats area is now available. Meant for the 2 boys to come back.”
Bobby was seen at Frankel Vet Centre last Monday (23rd March 2020) and found to have liver inflammation. He is on multiple medications as well as SubQ hydration.

Terry wrote, “I didn’t take the receipt from counter as I have to carry Bobby and the medications. The clinic will email the bill to me.”

Keeping Bobby company are

PM Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary if you like to contribute any amount towards Bobby’s vet bill (about $100+) which will be posted here once received by Terry.

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