Down Memory Lane: 10 years ago. Flooding


10 years ago
At the previous Pasir Ris Farmway 2 location (within TOPBREED trading co.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
During a very heavy downpour (photos taken between 5.30pm to 6pm)

Mms from Siew Ying,
#ACEmcds is not bothered by the flood; still eating his kibbles. :-)”

Mms from Siew Ying,
#TARAmcsds & #WANWANmcds are very smart. They stay up on the stone table so no wet feet :-)”
MMS from SY
Yoga checking whether puppies r ok?? :)”

Mms from Siew Ying,
“Food bowls floating all over Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary

Mms from Siew Ying,
“Gracie greeted a frog that came into Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary to take cover :-)”

MMS from Siew Ying
“Everybody avoiding but Mike waded thru the water :-)”

5.35pm, mms from Siew Ying,
“Mike caught playing with the flood water! :-)”
“Everybody avoiding but Mike waded through the water :-)”

“Heavy rain.”
“Mettacattery under half of foot of water :-(“

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