Down Memory Lane: Story of GinCoal


20 April 2011
Siew Ying helped to save a dog from AVA yesterday.
This dog is Charcoal’s son.
Charcoal was taken in from somewhere around Kong Meng San some time ago by a feeder called Serene.
Charcoal’s son was supposed to be cared by a man there who docked his tail.

However this man disowned Charcoal’s son recently and he was free-roaming.
SY kept reminding Serene to take the dog in. Serene procrastinated.
The Ah Pek who used to feed him called AVA to arrest the dog.
The dateline for the dog to be killed at AVA was at noon yesterday.
With a letter from Siew Ying to provide an undertaking that the dog would be kept at MC. Serene paid about $600 for the release of the dog but SY said she “wayang” yesterday saying not enough money.
The dog was sent to Acacia Vet Clinic and will be sterilsed today.
SY doubted Serene would honour her words of supporting this dog as she has NOT been consistent in paying for the boarding of Charcoal.

SY also needs to get a contractor to create a partition to take in the dog. She said it cost about $600.

This dog has been given a cute name of GinCoal #GINCOALmcds
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