On this day, 1 year ago, Rescue of ALBA and ELBA

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On this day

1 year ago

2nd April 2019

The is the last rescue that Terry did together with his mother, #RememberingSiewYing who wrote:

“Opposite Botanic gardens and opposite St James Church Kindergarten.
Place tearing down 2 neutered cats got no place to go.”
“Going to meet the feeder at Dempsey road @ 9.30 am to rescue the 2 cats.”
Photos taken by a young man named Colin who lives opposite Botanical Gardens.
The glass cafe previously within the Museum Of contemporary Arts (MOCA)
Renovation to cater for high end cafe/club or something like that.
3 – 4 years ago the lady who was working there brought them in.
This lady would feed when she was at work – weekends & days she not there they depended on 2 Bangladeshi who worked there.
Colin claimed sometimes food bowl empty.
He said when he passed by he popped in and brought them eggs he cooked in microwave.
He kept saying Lily Low very good – all her cats are fed with high end food.
Then I asked why didn’t you ask Lily Low to take them ? He said not contactable.
He said you know Lily Low? She’s the cat lady of Pasir Ris.
Yesterday when he was there, the cat supplies in the cupboard being thrown out. So he was worried that these 2 cats would be left out in the open area with no roof over their heads.
The feeder lady left when MOCA was no longer the tenant.
The landlord wanted the place back for “better” use.
$$ the root cause.
Very sad.
If we didn’t go down to collect, it would not bd able to rescue them as Colin could not even get them into a carrier.
He couldn’t say what would happen to them if not taken in by MCDS but likely would be relocated.
Colin has 2 big exotic cats in his home he mentioned.
He is rich ppl’s Son.”

Later, Colin was seen in this news:https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/serial-stalker-jailed-harassing-woman

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