7 years ago: Jenni


#RememberingSiewYing’s policy adoption, “I will always take back the cat with no questions asked.”

#JENNImcds’ adopter could not cope with the burden of caring for a cat that developed progressive neurological illness. Siew Ying took her back and cared for her till her last breath.
Siew Ying brought Jenni home to care.

8 September 2013

(Photo taken 8th November 2012)
Jenni, who developed progressive neurological signs, after she was adopted, passed away just a while ago, under SY and her son, Terry’s, care.
Jenni’s neurological illness sounds like the human ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Motor Neuron Disease), and the cause of death is usually from pneumonia, which seems to happen to Jenni too.

5.37pm, Siew Ying updates,

“Jenni passed on. ”
“Terry is very sad 😢”

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