Down Memory Lane: the little kitten from Red Swastika.


8 years ago

11 September 2012

#rememberingsiewying wrote “This is the little one from Red Swastika (Tampines). He kept crying so I carried him. He slept in my palm.”

(Rebecca Ho brought in this kitten when she delivered Fanny #FANNYMCDS and 6 kittens to www.mettac#fannymcds
Fortunately Fanny mummy accepted this 7th kitten.

Siew Ying cooks fish for Fanny to make sure she is nutritiously able to support 7 kittens.

Recently Siew Ying was worried as Fanny and kittens all had diarrhoea and Fanny’s appetite was down.

Siew Ying went around pet shops buying different types of food to tempt Fanny.

This morning Siew Ying was so happy to report that Fanny was eating and passing out formed stools.

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Thursday, 10 September 2020