Polar on harness, eager for his walk by volunteers


#POLARmcds, on a harness, eager for his walk by volunteers

To ADOPT or SPONSOR his long-term care or to VOLUNTEER to walk Polar, see this posting:

MCDS Adoption Drive
[Excitedly seeking sponsor or adopter!] Hello!!! Meet Polar, the funnest and bestest in play! He’s 7 years old but you wouldn’t think it, he’s so cute and energetic and full of happy vibes. In fact he always looks like he’s smiling, don’t you think??

Poor Polar, like many of our doggos and cattos, didn’t have a good start to life. He lived in a factory but irritated the factory boss who asked for him to be taken away and put to sleep. Luckily one of the factory employees brought him to Metta, and promised to come see him regularly. Sadly, that did not come to pass. Polar ended up spending many lonely years alone, save for staff and volunteers’ visits.

But this doggo is SO made for a home! He is a bit rough around the edges but his personality is just sunshine ☀ would you like to come meet him?

Polar is up for sponsorship or adoption 😊

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Monday, 7 December 2020

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