18 July 2021

Terry wrote, “Skitty, the untouchable now very touchable 😀”

2017/2018: the helper at ASD called Ah Yen, rescued a heavily pregnant cat from Cavenagh area. Siew Ying (#rememberingSiewYing) wrote, “This tabby girl is heavily pregnant, rescued from Cavenagh area by ASD’s helper
She wanted to send for abortion. I told her no. I took over her care.
No name yet.” (

She was later named Ah Yen #YENYENmcds

She gave birth to 4 kittens, of which one died of birth defects – KOALA (

The other three are
#KUACImcds (just adopted) (

#KUALImcds (

#SKITTYmcds (the kitten in this video)

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Sunday, 18 July 2021