#COMELmcds rescued from a small cage in a common central corridor of a block of flats in Bedok South, on 10 June 2013

“For how long has he been kept in this cage?
We will never know.
But long enough for him to develop this turning behavior.
For how long did he suffer from eye infection before the corneas become scarred?
We will never know.
What we know now is
He is finally freed from this small cage
He will be given vet care
He will be given love
And we HOPE…
Someone will bring him to a good safe home soon!
He is a handsome fella
And he is named COMEL!

#rememberingsiewying of www.mettacats.org

On 7 August 2013
Comel was found in a small rusty cage in a common corridor. He was likely to have been kept in the cage for a long time.

He lost his eyesight to eye infection that was not treated (neglect could be due to his owner’s poverty.

Being blind, it takes a long time to win his trust

Siew Ying wrote, “Comel allowed me to touch him.. Eyes still have lots of discharge. He topples his food n drink every now and then.”

( Comel is given the Friskie brand of dry food as he was probably fed that in the past and still adjusting to the shelter’s regular food)

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Friday, 6 August 2021