#CHUCHUmcds died at 6.30pm on 30 Sep with Terry by her side.

Illness, dying and death are unpleasant things we do not wish to see.
However they are inevitable part of every living being.

Just like a doctor cares for a patient with the motto “To cure sometimes, to COMFORT ALWAYS”.
This applies to the care of the animal as well.

Recognising that an animal is reaching the end of life and thereby avoiding inflicting unnecessary sufferings such as prolonged stay at the vet clinic, invasive procedures such as tube feeding, drip, blood tests, etc is palliative care with the aim to provide comfort and peace of mind.

Like a human, a dying animal is comforted in his or her home environment, even if this is an animal shelter, cared by someone from the heart. was home to ChuChu for a long time.

ChuChu will be cremated at Sanctuary Pet Cremation

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Posted by Metta Cats on Thursday, 30 September 2021