Comforting Rita as she reaches the end of life


Terry is up the whole night caring and comforting #RITABEDOKmcds who has advanced skin cancer on her head, reaches the end of her life.

“Life at a rescue shelter is full of joys and sorrows. This morning we are filled with the latter, as Rita, a rescued community cat, has slipped into a coma. She was brought in a few months ago with an ulcerating wound which we later found out was skin cancer. Over the past weeks, she has been cared for with love and warmth by Terry and the volunteers, with daily wound dressing, meds and assisted feeding. While we may never truly know what goes through an animal’s mind, we hope that our sweet Rita felt comforted as we accompany her on her final journey. Terry and her shelter mate Banana have been sitting with her for hours so she won’t be alone when she passes.”

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Monday, 4 October 2021