AC session for ALEXI on 24 Nov 2021


Session with Animal Communicator on 24 Nov 2021 with
#ALEXImcds (read how she and her sister came to live in

ALEXI is of advanced age with degenerative spinal issues and a few weeks ago, she was unable to walk. Fiona got her a set wheels and she is slowly getting used to it. Hower her appetite and poor. Hence an AC was engaged at $70 for 1/2 hour (“live” session) to find out why she was anorexic.

Fiona wrote, “She told me the spots that’s painful for Lexi. She’s very depressed and unmotivated because of the nagging pain and being unable to walk. She also doesn’t have appetite to eat anything. So AC told her that she needs to eat to be able to work on getting her leg muscle stronger.”

“Daphne Chow arranged for a hydrotherapy session today. We are hoping it helps. We also booked acupuncture but earliest slot will be later in Dec.”

“The AC also made a charm but hasn’t send to me yet. This will help to relieve joint pain, improve her mood and survival instinct. Hope it will help her 🤞🏻”

“Quite interesting cos she does it live. She helped to persuade Lexi to eat and then she was “told” maybe can eat durian 😂

Terry went to buy durian puffs… but she licked abit only. A few hours later she did eat more of the durian puffs”

“Anyway yesterday I bought chicken wings for her. As we had to go rehome Alba and Elba, she was left alone for several hours. She dragged herself until got abrasion on the shoulder.”

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Friday, 26 November 2021