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Read on how he was named TENZIN by Volunteer, Lisa Ong, on her blog:
Sage Leaves & Prayer Flags

“As I was removing dust from the stupa with a wet cloth, a large orange cat suddenly hopped onto the trolley top. He began weaving around the stupa as if he was making a circumambulation with his body!

When I managed to peel him off the stupa, he wrapped his paws around my neck and started purring and rubbing his face against mine affectionately.”

DOB (estimated) 2017/8

GENDER: Neutered Male

BACKGROUND: December 2018
Terry wrote,
“A week ago, this cat appeared from nowhere at a Kranji canteen. Not neutered yet.
Terry went to buy breakfast – the fish soup stall. Stall’s aunty asked Terry to help him as he moved from car to car to big trucks. Whole body covered with engine soot and injuries. Terry went to a hardware shop to ask for carton box.
Luckily he allowed him to carry. Probably just abandoned.”

Special mention:

“First, FIV is no big deal, it’s simply a virus. Most FIV cats live long, healthy, happy lives when given loving homes. FIV cats will live as long as other cats and die of the same old-age diseases. It is primarily spread by deep, penetrating bite wounds, not though play bites or saliva.”

FIV is not a death sentence

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Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Sunday, 17 April 2022