About Us

MettaCats is a volunteer group that aims to provide care for sick and abused animals.

The word Metta means loving kindness in the Pali language and the name embodies the special bond that is shared between humans and animals.

Our History

Siew Ying

Unimpressed by how the SPCA deals with stray animals, the founder, Ms Lee Siew Ying, a clinic billings administrator, who is married and lives in Queenstown, decided to open her own animal sanctuary in late 1999.

“I found a cat and three kittens that were less than a week old and the SPCA said they had to be put down because it didn’t have space for them”

– Lee Siew Ying

Our Mission

A halfway house for injured and abused strays or those recuperating from sterilisation operations. The ultimate objective is to rehome all rehabilitated cats and enable them to lead a comfortable life.

Our Present Situation

Siew Ying

We now have over 100 cats and a few dogs at MettaCats.

Our volunteers are a handful of animal lovers who invest their spare time despite their busy schedules to help the cats and dogs at MettaCats.

Some of the tasks our volunteers do on a daily basic include:

  • General house-keeping.
  • Medicating sick cats and dogs.
  • Finding homes for the animals.
  • Taking care of elderly animals during the last lap of their lives.
  • Sharing the costs of pet food, litter box sand, vet fees, rent and other costs related to the running of MettaCats.
  • Taking photographs of our animals.
  • Updating the MettaCats web site.
  • Promoting MettaCats on social networking sites like Facebook.

Our only wish is to see our animals live in a safe and happy environment where they will be cared and loved.

MettaCats adalah pertubuhan yang mempunyai misi untuk memelihara kucing yang sakit dan didera.

Perkataan “Metta’ bermakna kasih sayang dan nama yang menghubungkan ikatan istimewa antara manusia dan haiwan.

Objectif utama ialah menyediakan tempat tinggal dan rumah pemulihan bagi memberi harapan baru dalam hidup. Conseling dan perkhidmatan lanjutan juga disediakan bagi memudahkan pengambilan kucing-kucing ini.


现在有超过100只猫寄宿在爱心猫之家。 猫之家也给几只狗儿提供棲身之所。