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Appeal for sponsors of food, cat litter, detergents, etc

Click here to see what are needed to keep the Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter going:



Please Support Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter

Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter needs your support to carry on. Please do consider sponsoring the basic needs of the cats and dogs: FOOD 1) To sponsor SANABELLE for the cats, click here:

Appeal for BOSCH dry food for the dogs


Appeal for sponsor of the dogs’ dry food, BOSCH from briopets , for JULY 2015PM Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter if you wish to sponsor.About $1,500 is needed a month to buy dry food for the dogs

Some people who handed the dogs to the shelter are not able to support with any long-term care and so the shelter depends on the generosity and kindness of others to help in their care by sponsoring their basic needs: food.

Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter hopes for 30 sponsors of $50 each.

You can sponsor the purchase of BOSCH dog food in two ways:

1) Post a cheque for the amount you wish to sponsor in a cheque made out to “Brio-life Pte Ltd”, and post to Siew Ying, founder of Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter, who will order direct from Briopets (

2) ATM/Internet bank transfer to Siew Ying (


4) Order from

Whatsapp or SMS Animal Human Alliance(AHA) Shop at +65 81272723



with this message “I would like to sponsor __(number of 15kg FISH and POTATOE BOSCH dog food) for Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter. Please use this name as sponsor and (optional) this is the message I want to post on the photo of the delivery:______”




Labour Day Appeal for Sponsors

Appeal for food and cat litter

















Click on the links below to sponsor:
1) BOSCH dry food for dogs:

2) SANABELLE dry food for cats:

5) Dogs’ Canned Food:

5) Cats’ Canned Food:

The dogs of Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter appeal for ther food.

To sponsor
1) Their main dry food, BOSCH, click here:

2) Their canned food, Nature’s Gift, click here:

3)Their cooked food, click here: