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Update on Hong-San

Update on Hong-San, the cat from Redhill, who was not fed for 9 days and found by a student volunteer called Yihui.

11th January 2011 mms from SY

“Hongsan now very good with me :)”

“Star ( amd Hongsan are now best of friends. They both love to sleep in the old cage that we put Hongsan when she first came 🙂 Although we do not stay in big house but our cats still can be conditioned to be sober and loving :)”

Hong-San on New Year Day

mms from SY
“Hong-San doesn’t know how to use the poo-bin yet.”

“Hong-San said “very ‘sian’, cannot roam around yet!”

“Hong-San decides to take a nap :-)”

“Hong-San used the p-bin 🙂 but shit shit a bit pasty n she vomited some phlegm + food.”

Story of Hong-San (a cat rescued from Redhill)

On the 23rd of December 2010, Yihui brought the cat to Pet Clinic.
The cat was defensive initially but it settled down after a few days for its gender to be determined. It was a gal and Siew Ying named her Hong-San meaning Red Hill in Mandarin.
She was discharged from Pet Clinic on 30th December 2010.

Below are mms from Siew Ying:
31st December 2010“Hong-san finished one can of fancy feast and one big bowl of sanebelle kibbles at one go. She put on some weight at the vet.”

31st December 2010“See her back – so bony! Poor girl! Luckily we got her out from the owner.”

“Hong-san still eating, I left the kibbles for her for lunch, she eats now! She must be deprived of food for a long time !”