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Update on Puteh

Puteh was discharged from Pet Clinic yesterday and transferred to the care of Wati last night. Here’s an update

From Wati
To: mettacats
Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2011 4:04 AM
Subject: RE: Puteh

Hello there. Puteh is adopting well at my father’s house. He has chosen to sleep on the bed and he let’s us pat him and he purred continuously till he fell to sleep. At one point, my brother tried to play w him by making movements underneath the bed sheet and puteh demonstrated interests to play but was too weak to participate. He ate his food the moment I lay it infront of him but refused to eat them the moment I mix his medicine in the food( I will wk on that), can he take milk?

Update on Puteh

Story of Puteh

mms from SY “Puteh – hv to lug the whole cage from C4P (where he was sterilised on 3rd January 2011)¬† ‘cos he cannot be handled. Will put him in a 2 tiered cage till he s more sober”

Please leave a message here….if you wish to adopt Puteh.