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Star passed away peacefully on 24th March 2012 at 10pm

Wency: “Star was a semi-paralysed community cat. 2 yrs ago, her sponsor ditched her after handing her to Metta. Despite a lack of sponsorship, SY took great care of her and brought her for TCM where acupuncture actually healed her condition, Star was able to enjoy the freedom of mobility in the last 2 years, running around the shelter and jumping onto the bed/ lap for cuddles. She departed peacefully yesterday, knowing she was loved by many. RIP Star, we love you and will always miss you. Thank you SY, for everything you’ve done for Star.”

Update on Hong-San

Update on Hong-San, the cat from Redhill, who was not fed for 9 days and found by a student volunteer called Yihui.

11th January 2011 mms from SY

“Hongsan now very good with me :)”

“Star ( amd Hongsan are now best of friends. They both love to sleep in the old cage that we put Hongsan when she first came 🙂 Although we do not stay in big house but our cats still can be conditioned to be sober and loving :)”