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JiMi at the vet for stuffy nose JiMi在兽医诊所治疗鼻塞。

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Visit to an adopter’s home late last evening

Jimi‘s new home; adopted on 03-06-2010. JiMi & Kitty-Chan getting along ok 🙂 Kitty Chan – caught leaving JiMi s poo bin 🙂 Kitty Chan inspecting the cage we brought for JiMi 🙂

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JiMi – see how he sleeps ? 看他如何睡觉?

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Mikho Jr

Mikho Jr – copied JiMi sleeping style 🙂 Gender: Male DOB (estimated): 28-01-2010) Temperament: absolutely wonderful with humans and cats/kittens

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Star’s 5th acupuncture session

Star is making remarkable recovery, with the help of acupuncture. The limbs are no longer stiff. She is now able to fold her front limbs inwards like a “normal” cat. Her hind limbs are significantly stronger and she started growling … Continue reading

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可爱的 Cute JiMi

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Barney and JiMi

She’s very fussy with her sleeping area, will be the 1st one to doze off on the white ikea cushion, on my bed 🙂 She’s very ‘atas’ doesnt want to mingle with the rest! Getting ready to sleep last night! … Continue reading

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mms of JiMi

“Jimi, just dewormed him, hyper active boy, this photo taken when he was abt to sleep. Super cute.! :)” Jimi,刚去虫,超级活跃,这张照片是在他睡着时拍的。超可爱! :” 要领养 JiMi…请单击此处 To adopt here

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Super-cute JiMi 超可爱的JiMi

SY updates:“He’s still a little sneezy and he is on medication. We thought he can only eat soft food, was surprised he was able to munch kibbles when we left him out to change his beddings, he rushed to the … Continue reading

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Photo on the day he was rescued, 14-03-2010 15-03-2010, 9.27am, SY’s mms update: “JiMi is much better today. Less sneezy. More active. He knows how to go and sleep in the box lined with soft cloth. He is using the … Continue reading

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