Leslie is critically ill. Nelly keeping virgil

Leslie and Nellie


“Hospice” care at Metta Cats & Dogs Shelter

Nelly, a very senior resident, staying by the side of dying Leslie

Leslie, a very senior cat, was ill and was just given SubQ Hartmann and his body is getting warmer

Leslie is a cat that couldn’t be touched until now

Nelly was recently critically ill but made a remarkable recovery with nebulization with silver colloidal solution thrice a day

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p.s. Leslie passed away peacefully on 22nd December 2016

Leslie is a very senior cat. No more teeth.

Leslie arrived at the “new” shelter

At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter on 9th September 2016 (Friday):
Leslie was a “scaredy” cat, wouldn’t allow any human to touch him despite being in the shelter for many years. Yesterday Mrs Neo managed to grab him with just a towel to transfer him into a carrier for transport to the “new” shelter. SY updates, “Look at him now. Totally transformed. Happy!”