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Rosy-J passed away peacefully in her sleep 在睡梦中安然而逝。

8:18am, sms from SY

“Rosy passed away in her sleep early this morning.
Her last feed of 15ml of milk was at 3.15am.

When I got up at 7.30am, her body was already hardened.

She looked like she was in deep sleep.”

Blogger’s comments: “May Rosy-J stir more people to be aware of the plight of abandoned kittens. Please help to stop abandonment by encouraging owners to have their home cats sterilised and to inform them of the sufferings of abandoned cats and kittens such as Rosy-J and Nicha.

The “REAL” cause of Rosy-J’s death is ABANDONMENT. May the owners who abandoned Rosy-J and Nicha get to read this and regret what they have done. May they resolve never to abandon any more cats and kittens they may still have in their home and to have them all neutered.”

8:18am, sms from SY


Blogger的评论: “Rosy-J能否激起更多的人了解被人遗弃的小猫的困境。请帮助制止遗弃的小猫,鼓励主人为家猫绝育,并告知被遗弃的猫和小猫所遭受的痛苦,如Rosy-J 和 Nicha的遭遇。


Rescuer’s account of Rosy-J and Nicha

From: “Joan”
Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 4:12 PM
Subject: Nicha

Just a summary about the 2 kittens..

Almost 3 weeks ago, we came across a kitten laying in front of a car at a car park.

As understood from the driver, there were 2 kittens sleeping in the rims of the car tires, when he unknowingly drove off..

One of the fall to the floor with the other was stuck in the rims upside down for about 1 1/2 hrs till few guys jacked off the wheels.

One of them (who was stuck in the rims) Nicha, is recovering well. She had a big part of her skin torn off, however the wound is healing very well now.

For her, we hope to put her up for adoption once she has recovered from her wound in maybe a weeks’ time. She has also had her first dose of vaccination & been dewormed.

For Rosy, (who was lying on the floor) the vet concluded that she has a head trauma. She was in terrible pain & her pupils were of a different size that nite.

The vet had managed to extract part of the fluid to help reduce the swelling & that helped. In the first 2 weeks, she had seizures sometime up to 4 times a day. After a seizure, she goes blind or faints for a while or sometimes it is so bad she springs out of her box.

I consulted with three vets already & they are of the opinion that I should put her to sleep. But I understand that seizures are not painful, though definitely uncomfortable but do not deserved to be put down. I would rather take her back from hospital but the vets did not think she will survive long. After each seizures, she needed life support of oxygen & injections to stop the seizure which seemed impossible to manage at home without any equipment nor experience.


其中之一掉在地上,另一只被困在轮辋上,颠波了约1 / 2小时,到几个人抬高车轮。
曾 征询三位兽医的意见,他们认为我应该让她安然的离去。但据我所知,羊癫疯症是会不痛的,虽然会不舒服,但不应当让她就这样的死去。我宁愿把她从医院带回 家,但售医认为她不会生存很久。每次发作后,她需要的氧气和注射药物以停止病发,没有任何设备和经验,似乎不可能在家里护理她。

Update on Rosy-J 的更新

12.36, sms from SY
“She has no more so-called ‘seizures’. Can drink up to 30ml of milk each feed, not very keen on diluted AD. She purrs when I carry her. First day, she was so traumatised with every of my movement. Now she loves to be carried. A big change in her. She sleeps so soundly :)”

Rosy -J

Rosy-J and her sister were rescued by Joan from under a vehicle’s tyre in Outram Park.
A large piece of skin was ripped off from Rosy-J’s sister and Joan is caring for her at home.

Rosy-J was hospitalised in a vet’s clinic. Xray showed a crack in the skull.
Now she is unable to coordinate her limbs and the slightest noise will make her cry loudly.
The vet said that she needed oxygen after each “seizure” and concluded that “better off to “pts”.

SY took over the care from yesterday.
Vet gave instruction for an anti-seizure medication to be squeezed into her rectum after each seizure.

Diluted AD was fed to her and also milk (meant for cats) was fed through feeding bottle.

Each time when she makes noise, she was carried and she would calm down right away.
She is also responding to Reiki.

Rosy-J might need acupuncture later.

Rosy-J 和她的姐妹被Joan从Outram Park的一车辆的轮胎救出。
Rosy-J须要入住兽医诊所。 Xray 显示骨头中有裂缝。
昨天SY 接手照顾她。
稀释的 AD和奶使用瓶子喂她(猫的食物)。

Rosy-J 迟些可能需要针灸。