Duke for Cremation

For cremation at Seletar by Mobile Pet Cremation Service Duke for Cremation 2nd September 2012 (video clip) At the crematorium at Seletar Duke 02-09-2012 (movie clip) Duke 02-09-2012 […]

Duke passed away peacefully at 5.35pm

https://www.facebook.com/notes/metta-cats/duke-a-10-year-old-rottweiler-and-one-of-the-oldest-residents-of-mettacattery-is/10151075191013541 Duke passed in his usual sleeping position


Mms from SY “This is Duke! He snores louder than human, this pics taken just after dinner. 🙂 “ “Rottweiler, 7 years plus with us, […]