Roxi and Alexi after grooming

Roxi and Alexi after a grooming session at Loving Pets last evening (31-03-2017).

Siew Ying updates,
“When their daddy was alive, they get to be groomed 3 times yearly.
After Jane dropped them and left around 10.30pm last nite, both girls went to the door front to look for her.
I can feel how the feel – they thought after usual grooming they would be sent home.”

Background of Roxi and Alexi:
Their “master” who came from overseas passed away. The wife and kids couldn’t bring them to their home-country. There was a failure to re-home them with increasing desperation as the date of the family’s departure neared and this pair of senior dogs almost ended up in the wrong place.

PM Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter if you would like to give these two senior dogs a home (they are NOT approved for HDB flats). They have very sweet temperament and get along with dogs and cats.






Heavy Rain. Flooding

Alexi .. cool weather sleeps until don’t know how to get up.. 😊

Alexi and Roxi were the first dogs to move to the new place (26th August 2016)

Alexis and Roxi are two senior dogs. Their owner, an expat passed away. The wife and two children could not find a home for them for many months. They were desperate as the dateline for them to leave Singapore permanently loomed close. They were on the verge of making a “wrong” decision when someone heard of the dogs’ plight and asked Siew Ying if she could offer shelter for these “old dogs”.
They adapted well and have very sweet temperament. They get along with other dogs too.