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Pauline and the bunnies

From: Pauline
To: Metta Cats
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: Merchandise
Hi : )

The bunnies have arrived safely! Fortunately, I am at home on sick leave to receive them or I will miss the postwoman! Thank you so much for sending it so promptly! See, afterall Singpost is pretty reliable! Hehe…

So adorable the way you guys packed the bunnies in the box! Clever! When I opened it, I was laughing, too cute the way the bunnies were lying with their legs flipped up! The bunnies are very nice! I luv the size! Are they handmade? Who is the creator?

The two lovely bunnies will be going to the home of my 1-year plus niece and my 6yrs old god-daughter’s home! I am pretty sure they will be delighted to receive these big size bunnies in their small hands!

Kindly advise the total cost including smartpac and postages and I will transfer payment immediately.

Looking forward to the kitty and other creations! Once again, thank you very much!


MettaCats Bunny $50 each

Bunny A (Pink)

Bunny B (Red)

Bunny C

Buy a MettaCats Bunny if you cannot commit to being a responsible owner for a real bunny.

To order, click here

with following details

1) Number of Bunny A, Bunny B and/or Bunny (each Bunny measures 50cm)

2) Address

3) Contact number and email address

4) Postage free within Singapore (delivery via Smartpac)

5) Advice on payment will be emailed to you after the Bunny/ies have been received.